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Project Brief

Nedbank will occupy a newly constructed building in Newtown, the oldest industrial node in the City of Johannesburg. The one building will accommodate the majority of the staff compliment (2100 people), called Newtown Junction, and another building, The Majestic, will accommodate the Client Facing Clusters (450 people), which are located right opposite the Market Theatre in Johannesburg. The design should portray the history of Newtown and its surroundings and combine modern designs that are sustainable and based on best design practices.

The story of an African city that has had its challenges, and conflict and marginalization cannot be ignored but the main focus of this design are not locked into a specific apartheid storyline but rather how Nedbank can make a tangible, positive contribution to the regeneration of Newtown, a culturally rich, dynamic and significant area of the city.

My scope of work was to design the interior space two years prior to the commencement of construction work, to do the space planning, drafting of detailed shopfitting drawings, furniture procurement, project manage all appointed Resources and Professionals as well as managing the moves of the Tenants from the leased buildings to the new buildings and to oversee the furniture installations as per the approved tenant layouts.

Rendered by DHK Architects
Rendered by DHK Architects

The Design Philosophy

The Design Philosophy was based on a BEEHIVE, with the focus on nature and how this can be incorporated into the design

  • It’s about the BUZZ of excitement in a City of Gold
  • In remembrance of all the Industrial Workers in Newtown
  • A Space that encourages transformation, respect, freedom & sustainability
  • It’s about people adopting an optimistic attitude
  • A place of safety and protection like these worker bees would care and protect their queen
  • A space that acknowledges the past but focuses on what lies ahead, taking hands together to build a brighter future
  • Having a deep respect for human lives

Project Implementation

Many Designers, whether indoctrinated to the world of the Design Industry or Property Development Industry, will be able to relate to my story…

For this particular project I had to play 5 different roles simultaneously, juggling my life as a Draftsman, Interior Designer, Commodity Specialist, Project Manager and a Site Coordinator. I had to think of ways to streamline some processes without sinking this ship.

This 36,000m² building had to be completed by the end of 2014 to align with the lease terminations of 5 other buildings. I will never forget the tremendous pressure of designing for the future , a time zone where the space is anonymous, time is just a passing shadow and all that you have is a vision of what you perceive as the future.

My perspective changed after the completion of this project…For the first time I knew what it meant to be a contributor and not just a spectator.

Conceptual Designs

Project Photos